Make Money With A Viral Ebook

Earning extra income with a viral ebook is an interesting and fascinating way to make some cash. This is something that I have recently got involved with and am enjoying it. Let me share this with you.


What is Viral Ebook Marketing?

V.E.M. is when you write a quality ebook with exceptional content and then distribute that ebook for free. If the ebook is interesting and has great content, people will pass it on and start discussing it. It will become "viral". So if one person gives it to 2 people, then those two people will give it to possibly 4-6 other people and so on. Now I know your probably wondering , well that's great , but how do I make Money?

How a Viral Ebook Makes You Money

So here's how these books make you money. You make money through affiliate marketing! Have you ever read an ebook and after a few paragraphs, the author will suggest something to you like "Click here for the best web hosting companies" ? Well if you have it is usually an affiliate link. If you decide to click that author's link and buy the product that he/she is referring you to, then the author will make a commission off of that sale. This is where the money comes from. Your goal is to become that author!

If you haven't already read my section on "How to Sell Information for Extra Income", then please do so. It will show you how to make an ebook for free step-by-step. If you already know how to make your own ebook, then bypass this step.

How to Monetize Your Ebook

The best way to monetize your ebook is through affiliate marketing. First decide what your ebook is going to be about. Then after that you'll need to search the web for items to promote. So for example if your ebook is about "How to create your own website", you would look for things like hosting companies or domain name companies to promote. Most products on the internet will have an affiliate program. For the example above, you would find a company like and sign up for their affiliate program. Once you are signed up, they will give you a personal affiliate link. Then all you have to do is put that link in your ebook and refer your readers to it. If they click it and purchase a hosting plan through you will make a commission. Now you're the Author !

How to Promote Your Ebook

Promoting your ebook is vital to your success. Here are several efficient ways to promote your ebook for FREE:

- Give away your ebook on ebay

- Submit your ebook to free ebook websites

- Give it away on

- Promote your ebook link through your signature line in your email and discussion forum accounts

- Promote your ebook on your website

- Find a joint venture and do an ebook swap

These ideas will get you well on your way to becoming successful at viral ebook marketing.

Provide a solution or answer for free with your ebook and promote it to the right crowd and you will find success . Always keep promoting ! The more copies you give away, the more money you'll make .

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