Start a Flea Market Business

The flea market business is another great opportunity to make some extra money. Finding Items to sell at a flea market is fairly easy and the initial investment doesn't have to be a lot. I will go over how to find products to sell and how to go about selling at flea markets in this article.

Finding Items to Sell

Storage Locker Auctions - Going to storage locker auctions is a good way to buy a large quantity of items to sell . All you have to do is look in your local newspaper under the auctions section and you will usually see five or ten upcoming auctions listed . Find out what the date and time of the auction is and then show up and bid. It's a lot of fun and you can buy some very profitable items . Here is a step by step guide that shows exactly how to buy profitable items from storage locker auctions.

Another good place to find items for your business is on craigslist. In fact you can some times get things for free. Be sure to look through all of the for sale section for deals. You never know what you will find. Also be sure to look under the free section. A lot of times you will find that people are giving away stuff that has some value, especially on weekends. People have yard sales on the weekends and most people only have them until around twelve to three in the afternoon. After that time in the day, you will see several curb alert ads under the free section of craigslist because people would rather give away what is left over from their yard sale than put it back in their garage or have another sale.

Selling at a Flea Market

Finding items to sell at the flea market is the biggest part of starting a flea market business. After that it is quit simple to start selling.

Setting Up Shop - Most flea markets will charge a daily selling fee of $10-$20 per day which is not bad considering the fact that you get a lot of traffic at these places. Be sure to show up early in the morning to ensure that you get a good spot . Also don't forget to bring at least one one portable table and a chair . Once you have arrived, just set up and start doing business !

Taxes and Permits - Having a special license or filing taxes on the cash that you make with your flea market business is not something that most flea markets require but you may need it where you live, so be sure to give your local flea market a call to find out before you go.

Now that you have the idea, put it into play! Good luck selling and don't forget to bring change !

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