Get Profitable Items to Sell Online From Storage Locker Auctions

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Buying storage lockers is an exciting way to obtain PROFITABLE ITEMS to sell online for a profit. Here's how to do it.

Finding Auctions
- Usually you can find the latest auctions listed in your local newspaper. If you don't find them there, look for them online, or simply call the companies. Your bound to find one sooner or later. Usually there is a specific section named "Auctions" in every big newspaper.

Attending Your First Auction - Before you attend any auction, be sure to call them on the morning of, to confirm that it is still available. The reason for this is that some personal storage unit companies allow people to pay off their debt and reclaim their belongings right up to the last hour.

Generally speaking, when you get to the auction the auctioneer will open the first locker and let everyone preview the locker. They usually only let you preview it from outside the locker, so be sure to bring a good flashlight. This can give you a real good upper hand if you see profitable items that others don't see. After a 3-5 minute preview, the auction begins.

Bidding and Payment - What you saw during the preview will determine how high you should bid. This can be a little tricky, but go by your gut instinct.

Most lockers can be purchased for between $150- $400.You can get some real profitable things to sell this way! Once you win a locker, you will usually need to pay the company in cash right after the auction is over, so be sure to bring cash. Also most companies require a deposit along with your payment. This is to ensure that you leave the locker clean when you leave.

After the purchase, is when it gets exciting. You never know what you're going to find in there!! A digital camera? A computer? Antiques? Be sure that you get a good look during the preview and always bring your flashlight. As long as you do this and listen to your instinct, you will almost always make out good.

Storing Your Stuff - Most storage companies will allow you 48 hours to get your purchased goods out of your locker. If you do not have a place to keep your stuff, ask the company if you can purchase the locker space for a month or two. A lot of times they will allow you to rent it.

Selling the Goods - I know by now your probably thinking, "What do I do with all the big stuff like dressers or TV stands?" Take them to the local flea market! When you buy a locker, pick out all the profitable items like printers, DVD players, DVD's, video games, instruments etc. Basically pick out anything that is small enough to ship and is worth listing on ebay. Bring the rest to the flea market! You can unload it in one day most of the time. Cha ching!!


Also, not all auctions sell the whole storage locker as one unit. Sometimes they will piece it out item by item which is nice if you don't have a large vehicle, but still want to buy some profitable items. Good luck!

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