Sell Bonsai Trees to Earn Some Extra Cash

Buy and Sell bonsai trees? Yes! Buy and sell bonsai trees for some extra income! People find them fascinating and they are somewhat hard to find which makes them a great niche market to be in. Here's how to go about buying and selling bonsai.

Where to Buy Bonsai for Resell

moneybonsaipicGrowing bonsai trees for resale is an idea if you plan on doing it on a large scale, but for small scale business it is best to just buy them already grown.

I have found that the best way to buy bonsai is from companies online. It is usually common to buy a descent size bonsai online for around $15-$30 each. Sometimes you can even buy them a little cheaper if you purchase several at a time.

Stay away from buying your plants from places like ebay. You are much better off Sticking with more established online companies to ensure that you get quality plants.

Which Bonsai Trees to Sell?

Some questions to ask when choosing which bonsai trees to sell are:

- Should I Sell indoor or outdoor bonsais?

- What species are the easiest to care for?

- What size bonsais should I sell?

- What bonsai trees are the best sellers? Most popular?

I would personally recommend buying and selling juniper as they are simple to care for and offer more room for error than other species. Juniper is a good tree to start with, but there are also many other species that are not all that hard to care for and can also be good sellers. Here is a good site to buy your bonsai plants from:

I will not go into much detail about growing bonsai on this page because there is far to much to talk about. Here is a great informational ebook called "Growing Bonsai" that you can download for free. This is a "must read" book if you are considering getting into the business.

This free ebook discusses:

- Repotting

- fertilizing and watering

- shaping

- pruning and much, much, more!

Download ebook

How to Get Them Sold

Here are some good ways to sell these miniature trees:

- Sell them on the side of the road or at the flea market.

- Have small gift shops sell them for you. You can give them a small commission for every sell.

- Sell them through This works well!

You can accept cash and checks to start with, and then eventually get a wireless credit card machine once you get the ball rolling.

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