Painting Addresses On Curbs to Make Extra Income

Painting addresses for extra money on the weekends or when you have spare time, can create a good part time extra income. You can make as much as $100-$300 per day doing this once you get the ball rolling. Here's how to start a address painting business.

curbThe Idea- When people first move in to a new home, their addresses are often not painted on their curb in front of their house,especially if it is a new development. Also alot of people live in old homes where their addresses that were painted have faded off.

So what happens if there's an emergency? What happens when a package needs to be delivered? Will people be able to find there address fast enough? NO! This is where you come into play!

Selling people- To be successful at painting addresses, you will need to make up some fliers. Make a flier that says something along the lines of

"Is your address painted clearly on your curb so that you can be found easily in the case of an emergency? If not, we got you covered!We will paint your address for you with high reflective paint for just $20! Play it safe Call 000-0000"

And then hand them out door to door.

Dropping off your fliers at new housing developments is a great start. Also try to target older neighborhoods that have faded or no addresses.

Materials- You will need some materials to get started,but do not worry, the amount of money you will need to get these supplies are minimal.

The materials that you will need are: High reflective spray paint(black and yellow works great!), number stencils (craft store),some masking paper, and some 2" masking tape.All of these can be bought at a place like home depot except maybe the number stencils.Those you can buy at a craft store or order them online.

The cost of start up materials should only be around $35-$40.This can generate a great part time income. Now all you need to do get started !

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