Start a Magazine Exchange Business

Starting a magazine exchange business is a unique and simple way to make a generous part time income. All that you need is some good used magazines, some clients, and some drive. This idea takes a very low initial investment and can provide a sweet return. Lets take a look.

magazinesThe idea is to provide businesses such as medical offices, insurance offices, and pretty much any other business office that has a waiting room with fresh reading material. Have you ever been in a waiting room at say, the doctors office and noticed how old the magazines are? They are usually far outdated and are wrinkly and old looking right? This is were your magazine exchange business service would come into play. Here is what you do.

First you will need to find a good collection of used but somewhat new magazines. A good way to do this is to start a used magazine collection route in your neighborhood. This does not take much effort and is half the battle! To do this just type up a descent flier stating that you recycle used magazines and that you provide pickup once a week on say a Saturday. Let people know to leave their magazines on their doorstep for pickup. Know all you have to do is deliver your fliers door to door and provide pickup. Do this, and your off to a good start!


Next you will need to find some clients once you have started a good collection of used magazines (50-150 magazines). Try and target a medical building with several offices in it or start at places like nail salons, insurance offices , or hair styling shops. Strike up a good conversation and share with them that you own a magazine exchange business. If they show interest, then let them know that for a small fee of say $25-$30 a month you will bring them 15-20 fresh magazines for their clients to read.

After that, you will need to decide a delivery route and an exchange order. Here's an example. You are providing three companies with 20 "fresh" magazines each month. You bring business A,B, and C their magazines the first month and collect your fees. The next month you bring business A's magazines to business B. Business B's magazines get picked up and delivered to business C's location and business C's magazines get delivered to business A's location. Voila! All the companies have a new fresh batch of reading material and you have 90 bucks for delivering a few magazines! Keep cycling the magazines until the cycle is complete or the magazines are out of date.

You could set up a once a month automatic payment plan or you can just charge the companies every time you deliver. This idea could potentially turn into a very nice part time income. Good luck!


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