Earn Extra Income With Freelunchroom.com

Making extra income with freelunchroom.com is accomplished by paying others to sign up for offers and go "green" for you. Here's the way it works.

There are lots of sites on the internet that offer you money or free gifts for signing up for one or two offers and referring some friends. Most of these offers are free to sign up for and try. Usually they are 14 or 30 day free trials . Once the trials run out, you are charged so much a month for the service or "offer" that you signed up for if you do not cancel.

The thing to do is go to one of these sites and sign up for an offer. Once the site acknowledges that you have signed up , they will count you as 1 referral . This is called "going green".You are now a partner with this site. You will only have to sign up one time. Now what you will need to do is get some other referrals to sign up through your "link".The site that is giving away the free stuff will provide this. You will get this link once you have gone "green". You will only have to go green one time.

The way you find referrals is through freelunchroom.com . Let's say that a site is offering to give you a free ipod under the condition that you refer four others to the offers that they are advertising. Here's how to go about it:

1. First thing you will need to do is sign up for an offer at one of the free product sites.

2. Then you need to get the link that is provided to you from that site and have 4 people sign up for offers through your link so that you get credit for it.

3. In order to get referrals, you will need to use Freelunchroom.com . The main purpose of this site is to find people to hire to complete offers and go "green" for you by using your link. For example, once you sign up for Freelunchroom.com, (which is free) you will place an ad like this one, "Will pay $20 per referral". What you are trying to accomplish here is hiring some one to go green for you(sign up for an offer for you).

4. Once someone responds to your ad, you will send them your "link" to refer them to the site that you are partnered with (the site that gives free products away). After the site recognizes that you have referred someone, it will count them as 1 more referral for you. After they have gone "green"(After the site has recognized them as a referral) you will pay the person the $20 income that you promised them in the ad that you put on freelunchroom.com. Now you will have two referrals (you and the person you hired as a referral). At this point, you only have three more people that you need to refer and you get a "free" or cheap ipod or a cash income prize!

5. Repeat step 4 three more times

So let's say that you only need to refer four others besides yourself. If you are paying each freelunchroom referral $20 each then that equals $80 out of your pocket, but after this you get an ipod shipped to you that is worth $150 ! Once it arrives you can sell it on ebay and make $70 profit! Nice extra income right?

Although all of this may sound a little confusing right now, don't let it scare you. Once you get the hang of this, you will not be disappointed!

Key Points

  • once you sign up for the offer to join the "free stuff" site, don't forget to cancel it before the trial ends! If you do, you will get charged a monthly rate for the service.
  • As long as you cancel no earlier than 2 days before the trial, you will continue to stay "green", which means you will continue to be counted as 1 referral.
  • Be sure to let your "Employees" or "referrals" know this as well. Let them know that they can keep the twenty dollars that you paid them and continue to use the offer service if they want to or they can keep the $20 and cancel no earlier than two days before the trial runs out. This is important, because you are hiring them to go green for you and stay green for you!
  • All income that you pay to your referrals is generally paid through paypal via email address.

Keep in mind that you can also get cash gifts instead of free stuff. You can also make extra income completing offers for other people looking to refer people to their "free stuff" site!

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