Repair Foggy Headlights and Make a Fulltime Income

Have you ever thought of learning to repair foggy headlights for a living? If not, now is a good time to consider it. The competition is low and the profit margin is huge. Repairing headlights is a good business to start because the start up costs are fairly low and you do not need any special skills to get started. Plus you can start making a profit almost immediately.

Here are some things you will need :

1) You will need a way to clean the headlights. The best thing to use for this is a bottle of windex, a scrub brush and some clean towels or rags. You can also use some soapy water if the headlights are really dirty.

2)After the headlights are clean and dry you will need a way to clean the foggy discolored look off of them. The best product to use for this is PITTMAN'S Original One Step Acrylic Lens Restorer. This stuff works great and there is no need to buff or sand anything.

The product mentioned above is not a sealant or polish, it is a deoxidizer which means it takes care of the problem instead of covers it up. All you have to do is apply it and wipe it off,which makes your job simple and fast. Imagine how many headlights you could defog in a day at say $15-$20 per headlight!

Take a look at this video to see how simple this is!

Obtaining clients for this extra income idea is also fairly simple. Have you ever gone to a used car lot and seen the headlights on most of the cars? Most of them could use a little TLC. Clean shiny headlights help sell a car! What about the local car washes? People already go there to shine up their vehicles, so why not talk them into a nice shiny pair of headlights to go with their paint job?!

Always remember to bring some good before and after examples to show your clients. Forget the pictures, bring actual demonstration headlights with you and you will have a much better chance at getting a sale! People love to see solid results. It also helps to have some good brochures or fliers to hand out.

Now all you have to do is get your supplies together and get started! Good Luck.


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