Earn Extra Money this Winter with These Ideas

Here are some surefire ways for you to earn extra money this winter :

Swamp Cooler shutdowns

A good money maker is shutting down swamp coolers for people. This idea is good to pursue around August or September or when it starts getting cold. A lot of people do not want do deal with doing this themselves so they don't mind paying a small fee to get it done for them.

All you need to get started is a pair of channel lock pliers,a crescent wrench and maybe a couple of screwdrivers. Here is how you shut a swamp cooler down:

1. Pull the plug on the bottom of the coolers water pan so that you can drain all the water out (be sure to turn the water supply off first).

2. Disconnect the water supply line and make sure that you drain all of the water out of it.

3. Make sure that you block the cold winter air from getting into the persons house through their vents. Some people will have a sheet of metal to block their vent with and others will have canvas swamp cooler covers that slide over their coolers.

Offer your service on craigslist or put an ad in the newspaper.Another good way to advertise is to just place some road side signs with your number on them. You can also offer to buy and install a canvas cooler cover to those customers that don't have a way to stop cold air from entering their vents. Charge a $10-$15 fee for pick up and installation.

Hang Christmas Lights

People like to have their houses decorated for Christmas but not a lot of them like to put aside the time or effort to hang Christmas lights. This is where you come into play! Hanging Christmas lights is a fairly easy side business to get into and is a great way to earn extra money this winter.

All you need to get started is some road side signs that say " We Hang Christmas Lights Call xxx-xxxx " . Place them near four way stops and near highway off ramps. I have found that these signs are very effective and are cheap to buy. You will also need a ladder and a tack gun.

When it comes to pricing you can either charge so much per yard or you can charge per job.


Wrap Gifts for Others

Another good way to earn extra money this winter is to wrap gifts for others. People love to buy stuff but a lot of times they hate wrapping it. You could earn a quick amount of cash this way. All you really need is some wrapping paper, some tape, some bows and maybe some ribbons or other extras . Put an ad on craiglist stating that you will wrap their gifts for a small fee and also let them know that you charge by size. If they have their own wrapping supplies, then just charge them for your time.

Clean Chimney's

Cleaning chimneys for others is definitely a dirty job, but if you are not afraid to get a little dirty, then you can earn extra money this winter doing it. You need a chimney brush to sweep them with and of coarse you need to advertise. You can make some cheap signs that say " Chimney Sweep Call xxx-xxxx " and place them near busy intersections. A good brush will run you about $40-$50 and is the only tool that you need.

Shovel Snow

Another idea to earn some extra money with is shoveling snow for others. All you need for this idea is a snow shovel and the willingness to work hard. Advertise that you will shovel peoples sidewalks and driveways for so much per square foot. You could also ad sidewalk and step salting as part of your service for an extra fee. You won't get rich, but it will help pay for those presents !

Get a Seasonal Job

Winter or "seasonal jobs" are great for the person looking to earn extra money this winter. These jobs are always good because they are easy to get and are not not something that you have to stick with for a long time. In fact most companies are just looking to temporarily fill job positions. These kind of jobs are usually retail related and are very easy to get.

Seasonal jobs are a great second job because the hours that they offer are generally in the after noon or late evening making them easy to work around your normal 9-5. Try applying to places like Sears, JC Penney's, Kohls, and Mervyn's. Good Luck !


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