Can Airplanes Sell Well Online for $20-$50 Each!

The Idea of selling can airplanes came to mind while reminiscing about my childhood one day. We use to visit my fathers friend Frank when I was a child and he always had an an airplane hanging from his porch that was made of beer cans. I always found it interesting and recently thought "hmmm.. I wonder If those would sell well?".

I did some research online and found that aluminum novelty airplanes do not just sell well, they sell for a whopping $20 - $50 a piece! That's not bad considering the fact that they're made of free beer cans and soda cans.

Constructing these aluminum can novelty planes is done two seperate ways. You can either find example pictures online to use as a guideline and spend some time getting creative, or you can buy some can airplane plans. Once you have practiced building a few of these novelty planes, you will be ready to sell them.

I found that there are many different types being sold online. Some are extravagant while others are very simple. Some of the best selling airplanes seem to be the more simple ones. The simpler ones do not bring as much money but I imagine you can make more of them in one day than you could the more extravagant ones.

There is three ways of selling your airplanes that come to mind. One is on . Etsy is an online market place that was made specifically for selling hand crafted items. Another way to sell these novelty planes is on ebay. I recently conducted some researched on ebay and found that these aluminum planes are consistently selling for around $20 plus. Finally another way that may work is by selling your planes on craigslist. After all, you can't beat a cash sale!

This idea will not make you rich ,but there is definitely a buck to be made for the creative minded person. I hope this idea has inspired you and helps you earn the extra income you've been seeking.


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