Advertise for Money with These 3 Techniques

Learning how to advertise for money can bring you a long way when it comes to earning some extra income!Advertising is something that is constant and must be done when owning a business, which makes advertising a dependable business to be in.

Most business owners do not have the time or resources to advertise themselves which leads them to hire others to advertise for them. In this article I will go over three powerful ways to advertise for money.


Sell Table Advertisements

The first way is to sell table advertisements. This techniques can be used at most any bar and grill or cafe and can be very profitable. Here's what you do.

First you need to get some real estate to sell (tables to advertise on). The best way to go about this is to speak with the business owners or managers of your local cafes or bar and grilles. Let the owner/manager know that you would like to make some table cards that have trivia questions or funny jokes to keep his customers occupied while waiting on their food. Also let him know that you would like to advertise on one side of the card in return for making these for his business. Most owners will take you up on this idea because it is free to them and is a win-win deal.

Before doing this though, be sure to make some good example cards to show him (these can be made with MS word and some colored paper) and make sure that you have stands to hold them as well. This will make it much easier for you to sell him on the idea. Make sure they look nice and presentable.

Once you have established some good real estate you will need to find clientele. Your clientele will be people that are looking to advertise their business (lawyers, Insurance companies, chiropractors, etc.). Let them know that for a flat fee of say $125 a month, you will advertise their business on 10 tables at so and so's bar and grille . Once these business owners hear this, they will jump on it!

The best ways to find people for this is to either go to businesses and talk to them in person or advertise for free on The best thing about this technique is that it makes you a nice residual income month after month.

Advertise businesses on Your Vehicle

Another good way to advertise for money is to sell your vehicle as ad space. This idea may not suit everyone, but money can definitely be made for those willing to have advertisements on their vehicle.

This idea is fairly simple. Go to your local sign shop and have them make up a window sticker for the back of your vehicle. Have the sticker say Advertise your business here, Call 000-0000. Business owners will take you up on this and once they do, your in! You can charge them between $50 -$75 dollars per month to put their advertisement on your vehicle. You can also let them put magnetic advertisements on the side of your vehicle for an extra fee.

Let them know that they are responsible for getting the advertisements made. You can also offer this as part of your service if they are to busy to deal with it. Just make sure that you know exactly what they want their ad to say and be sure to get the ad creation funds from them in advance. Just think, another monthly paycheck for you !


Here is Another great way to advertise for money. This method is simple and costs very little to get started. Here's the game plan.

You need to go around and speak directly to business owners or advertise online. Let these people know that you will deliver X amount of fliers door to door every month for a set price. Have them make up a flier with some coupons or deals that they currently have running and have them make as many copies as they need (500 or 1000 or whatever you plan to distribute each month for them). You are set once you have between 5-10 businesses lined up.

After you have all of the fliers together, just make packages that you can hang on people's doorknobs and collect your monthly fees every month! It makes you a monthly income and you get your exercise.

Two birds. One stone ! =)

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